FAA Academy Distance Learning

The FAA Academy uses a multi-disciplined approach to distance learning.

Distance Learning Platform (DLP, Formerly CBI)

Distance Learning Platform (DLP) National Program Office is responsible for: distribution of over 120 legacy CBI courses to all ATO facilities (Air Traffic, Technical Operations); providing DLP computer platforms and configuration control; offering enhanced eLMS experience by offering the Content Distribution Network (CDN) on all FAA DLPs. Through the DLPs, FAA workforce skills are developed, maintained, and enhanced.

Academy Multimedia Training Services

Academy Multimedia Training Services (AMTS) uses a modern interactive video studio in conjunction with a satellite uplink to provide a means for FAA and other government organizations to deliver cost-effective live training. The Academy's Virtual Training Network broadcasts to more than 100 downlink sites throughout the U.S. including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. This allows participants to attend training with very little travel time involved.

Correspondence Study

Correspondence Study program offers technical, management, and business skills training allowing individuals to work at their own pace outside the classroom. There are over 100 courses to choose from.

Tech Ops Distance Learning Tool

Tech Ops Distance Learning Tool allows authorized ATO Technical Operations employees to request all distance learning course materials. All ATO (ATSS) personnel can submit requests for Correspondence Study courses, subject to supervisory approval.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage 2.0 is the AMA-24's automated electronic messaging board. Large monitors are used to display information 80 locations across the MMAC. We show current weather data from NOAA and a news ticker provided via a news feed. AMC-3 provides the required slides automatically and our platform allows users the ability to drag and drop your images into your DS 2.0 shared folder for easy delivery. Our DS 2.0 platform is made possible by the use of Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Clients at each monitor location.