FAA Academy Distance Learning

The FAA Academy uses a multi-disciplined approach to distance learning.


eLearning is the ability to take on-line courses from any computer anytime, anywhere. No travel. No waiting. There is always a seat available for you in the virtual classroom. You now have a multitude of learning opportunities available at your desktop that will enable you to grow and develop in your career.

Aviation Training Network

Aviation Training Network (ATN) uses a modern interactive video studio in conjunction with a satellite uplink to provide a means for FAA and other government organizations to deliver cost-effective live training. The Academy's Aviation Training Network broadcasts to more than 100 downlink sites throughout the U.S. including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. This allows participants to attend training with very little travel time involved.

Computer-Based Instruction

Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) National Program Office is responsible for the distribution of over 250 courses on CD-ROM and internet to FAA facilities. The CBI Office supports and maintains a vast network of state-of-art multimedia computer platforms located throughout the FAA. Through CBI, FAA workforce skills are developed, maintained and enhanced.
CBI Administrator

Correspondence Study

Correspondence Study Program offers technical, management, and business skills training allowing individuals to work at their own pace outside the classroom. There are over 100 courses to choose from.

Tech Ops Distance Learning Tool

Tech Ops Distance Learning Tool allows authorized ATO Technical Operations employees to request all distance learning course materials. All ATO (ATSS) personnel can submit requests for Correspondence Study courses, subject to supervisory approval.