ACE: College Credit for FAA Training

Online Registration Guidelines

  1. Access the ACE On-line Registration web site (

  2. Create profile (name, address, e-mail address, etc.)

  3. Type in "FAA" and leave all other fields blank on that page. Search ACE/FAA On-line Course Catalog to match courses on your FAA training history.

  4. Enter your completion date for matching courses.

  5. After completing your list, click on "Send Record for Review" button.

    NOTE: If not complete, you may log out at any time by clicking on "Save and Log Out" button. You may log back in later with your Username and Password to complete your list.
  6. At this point, ACE will send a notification to the Academy. They will compare your on-line record with your FAA training history. ACE will approve or deny courses on your on-line record based on course title and completion date. (Please allow 72 hours for your courses to be approved or denied).

    NOTE: Applicants are no longer responsible for having learning histories sent to ACE.
  7. Approved courses will be listed on your ACE transcript. Courses are denied if:

    • Course title does not match title in your training history.
    • Completion date does not fall within effective dates of credit recommendation.
    • Courses are marked "incomplete" or "fail" on your training history.

  8. After the Academy completes the review, ACE sends an e-mail to employee.

  9. You can activate your ACE records at the following website once the one-time fee of $40 is paid; the website accepts payment by major credit card:

  10. Instead of paying your fee on-line, you may send ACE (by mail or fax) your credit card information and a written request for a transcript.


Last updated on Jun 4, 2014