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FAA78103:   (78103) (Graduate School) Suitability Adjudication

FAA78103 Active
(78103) (Graduate School) Suitability Adjudication
COURSE 2004-01-30
Vendor: Graduate School USA. Website address: Email address: Learn how to perform suitability screening and adjudication for Federal employment. Understand the statutory and regulatory requirements of Title 5 CFR, Part 731, and the criteria used to make suitability determinations. Apply the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) methodology for designating position risk and model for making suitability determinations. OPM originally developed this course and has approved its content. COURSE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS (No Exceptions) To be admitted into this class, you must present: a valid federal ID verifying you are a federal employee, or preapproval from OPM; AND a copy of OPM's Suitability Processing Handbook (dated September 2008). * * * You must obtain the Suitability Processing Handbook from your agency's Security Officer. Graduate School USA cannot provide the Handbook. If you have any questions, please email prior to registration.
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