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FAA21000040:   (21000040) General Aviation Operations Helicopter Indoctrination

FAA21000040 Cancelled
(21000040) General Aviation Operations Helicopter Indoctrination
COURSE 2008-12-23
**COURSE REPLACED BY 21000134** This course is designed to familiarize the Aviation Safety Inspector with the necessary tools and information to adequately evaluate an applicant or operator for compliance with applicable standards. This course also reviews the significant details of evaluation requirements and helicopter dynamics, systems, and performance. Training provided by this course does not in itself result in qualification in all helicopters, but provides a basic method to be utilized to analyze and identify performance hazards and risks inherent in evaluations. Specific training in Technically Advanced Avionics helicopters will still be required prior to inspectors accomplishing checks in those types of helicopters. Helicopters that require SFAR 73 qualifications are presented in an overview; however, this training does not substitute for SFAR requirements.
AFS-500 AFS-60
ILT 104.0


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