Item No. FAA01200022
Title (FAA01200022) Team Skills Symposium (TSS)
Training Type COURSE
Revision Date 2009-08-24
Description Building good working relationships is key to creating effective teams. Today's FAA uses teams more than ever to achieve organizational success. Effective team skills have become a more essential part of every employee's day-to-day interactions and are a requirement for success at work. Participants at every level of your organization will see how clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as adaptabiliy and the application of team skills, improve the quality of all work relationships and results. The activities in this workshop are designed to give participants an opportunity to apply team skills such as communication, problem solving, action planning, and collaboration. Activities may include highly interactive discussions, self-assessment, and application activities (indoor and outdoor options). OBJECTIVES: Discuss the value of high performance teams in the workplace. Improve interpersonal communication skills. Clarify roles and responsibilities. Understand the value of good relationships for high performance teams.
Content Owner AMA-3
Training Organization AMA-3
Delivery Method AD-INSTR-LED
Length (Hours) 4.0
Maximum Enrollment
Cancelled Date