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FAA27000023:   (27000023) FAA Safety Risk Management (SRM) Overview

FAA27000023 Cancelled
(27000023) FAA Safety Risk Management (SRM) Overview
BRIEFING 2013-09-20
Select this link to open a 508 compliant accessible version. Purpose: The purpose of this online briefing is to provide a common level of understanding of FAA Order 8040.4, Safety Risk Management Policy and its implications for how FAA Lines of Business need to work together on Safety Risk Management (SRM); provide knowledge of FAA-wide level resources to those employees who are involved in conducting the SRM process; and provide a resource to those employees who will lead or serve on SRM Teams. Audience: FAA employees and contractors who are involved in applying the SRM process and/or are responsible for accepting or controlling safety risk in their organizations based on the results of SRM. Prerequisites: Employees and contractors should have taken their Line of Business SMS Overview course before taking this briefing. Lines of Business may choose to have this briefing serve as a prerequisite to their SRM courses or may include it in the first part of their SRM courses. They may also choose to have this briefing be a prerequisite for serving on an SRM Team/SRM Panel. Course Goals: At the end of this briefing, participants will be able to: discuss the key points of FAA Order 8040.4, Safety Risk Management Policy; describe the five steps of SRM; describe the triggers for cross-Line of Business SRM; describe the SRM roles and responsibilities; understand Hazard Identification, Risk Management and Tracking (HIRMT)entry requirements; recognize the importance of communication and coordination between FAA Lines of Business on SRM; and identify where to get additional guidance on SRM.
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