Item No. FAA49940065
Title (49940065) Toyotomi Stove Repair 101
Training Type COURSE
Revision Date 2012-02-02
Description Introductions to the Toyotomi product line. Clean Fuel: tank set up, proper tank height, pressure reducing valve, filters, valves, proper flaring and bending techniques, lifter pumps. Level: Importance of levelness with relationship to burner, why things need to level. Flue: Concentric flue, wall thickness and extension flue pipe kits, clearances, applications and considerations, theory of combustion, how to check for a bad flue. Proper Power: How to check and what is clean power, operation on a generator, solar or battery operation, inverters, surge protection and power conditioning, theory of electricity. Product Orientation: How to date and understand serial and lot numbers. Error Codes. 30-minute Service Call. How to Use a Multi-meter. Warranty. Using the Flame Sensor Bypass. Parts. How to access service manuals.
Content Owner AJV-W
Training Organization AJW-W
Delivery Method BLENDED
Length (Hours) 12.0
Maximum Enrollment
Cancelled Date

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