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FAA27200019:   (27200019) Fundamentals of Risk Analysis

FAA27200019 Cancelled
(27200019) Fundamentals of Risk Analysis
BB-WBT 2019-03-12
This course describes the importance of quantitative risk analysis and identifies the types of risk used in the MSAD process. The participant will learn how to calculate risk values for MSAD and will learn where to collect data for risk analyses. The Topics covered: The value of Quantitative vs. Qualitative Risk; Risk measures used in MSAD; The difference between fleet risk and individual risk; The difference between infant mortality, constant rate (random) and wear-out life distributions; The process for calculating risk of random failure; The process for calculating risk of wear-out failures; How to calculate a control program. Audience: AIR Aviation Safety Engineers (ASEs) Length: 1 Hour
AIR-520 AIR-520
BB-WBT 3.0


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