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FAA27200010:   (27200010) Monitor Safety Analyze Data (MSAD) Briefing for Managers

FAA27200010 Cancelled
(27200010) Monitor Safety Analyze Data (MSAD) Briefing for Managers
BRIEFING 2007-12-20
INACTIVE: This briefing will provide you with an overview of the Monitor Safety Analyze Data (MSAD) process, the principles behind it and the IT tool used to document it. You will learn about the relationships of the MSAD process to other AIR processes, the steps of the MSAD process and how the MSAD tool works when acquiring data, analyzing hazard criteria, selecting corrective actions and using a standard taxonomy. Target audience: This course is considered position essential for all AIR Managers and those ASIs and ASEs that have COS responsibilities. As of 2/1/2011, briefing is retired.
AIR-520 AIR-520
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