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FAA27200036:   (27200036) Letter of Acceptance (LOA) Audit for Project Engineers

FAA27200036 Cancelled
(27200036) Letter of Acceptance (LOA) Audit for Project Engineers
COURSE 2021-01-29
The purpose of this course is to provide training on how to evaluate and accept the aeronautical data processes of a data supplier who claims to meet the criteria of Advisory Circular (AC) 20-153, Acceptance of Aeronautical Data Processes and Associated Databases. The course covers the responsibilities for establishing an FAA Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for aeronautical data suppliers, the steps for auditing the facility, recording and distributing the LOA, and post LOA activity. AUDIENCE: This training is available online in eLMS for FAA employees, and is considered position essential for ACO ASEs. Length: 3 hours PREREQUISITE: None
AIR-940 AIR-940
WBT 3.0


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