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FAA27200048:   (27200048) Aircraft Seat Dynamic Impact Test Procedures-History and Background

FAA27200048 Cancelled
(27200048) Aircraft Seat Dynamic Impact Test Procedures-History and Background
BB-WBT 2023-01-04
This course will provide the historical background and information necessary to understand the basis of the regulations and where to seek additional details for the dynamic qualification of aircraft seats. There are multiple documents detailing these requirements. These requirements were developed from extensive research plans and coordination with industry and various agencies. AUDIENCE: This course is available via eLMS for FAA employees and is considered position essential for FAA Aircraft Certification Engineers, AIR Directorate Staff Engineers, AIR Headquarters Staff Engineers. This course is available via the Designee Registration System (DRS) to Seat Designated Engineering Representative Candidates, Aircraft Seat Designers, Dynamic Test Facility Staff, Foreign Regulatory Authority Staff, Industry Safety Engineers PREREQUISITES: None Enrollment instructions for DER applicants: go to Hover over Student and Click on View Class Schedules. Select the category. Select Designee and Delegated Organization Training and scroll down to select your discipline.
AIR-940 AIR-940
BB-WBT 3.5


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