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FAA27200053:   (27200053) Structures: Fatigue Management of Small Airplanes

FAA27200053 Cancelled
(27200053) Structures: Fatigue Management of Small Airplanes
COURSE 2012-10-11
INACTIVE. This course provides a video presentation on Fatigue Management of Small Airplanes, by Marv Nuss. He will discuss the following topics: Fatigue Management of Small Airplanes; Evolution of Fatigue Evaluation Regulations; Limit of Validity Concept; Fatigue Management Programs; Substantiation Expectations; SAD and Other Guidance for FMPs; Life Extensions; AC 23-13A; Expectations of DERs. Item Goals: At the end of this course you will: Understand why FMPs are needed to maintain safety; Understand what regulations apply when developing an FMP; Use FAA guidance for FMPs; Apply appropriate policy for developing an FMP; Know the steps for extending a safe-life; Know FAAs expectations for data. AUDIENCE: Engineering Designees & FAA Advisors. This course expired January 31, 2014.
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