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FAA27200059:   (27200059) Powerplant: Validating Designs by Test and Computation

FAA27200059 Cancelled
(27200059) Powerplant: Validating Designs by Test and Computation
BB-WBT 2012-10-18
INACTIVE. This course provides information regarding the FAA data expectations for validating reverse engineered designs based upon comparative techniques. Topics covered include: FAA Regulations, Orders, Policy, and Guidance, Product Level Compliance, Recognizing Differences in Replacement Parts, and Manufacturing Effects. This course expired December 31, 2014 and will be replaced with a new BB-WBT course. Course Length: 60 Minutes Audience: Engineering Designees & FAA Advisors FAA employees may search and self-enroll in eLMS. DER applicant enrollment instructions: 1. Log into DRS: 2. Click on Home - View Schedules 3. Select an organization to see the courses: Click on AIR-110 - Engineering Designees.
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BB-WBT 1.0


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