Item No. FAA27906
Title (27906) Applying Lessons Learned From Accidents, Part 2
Training Type COURSE
Revision Date 2006-07-20
Description INACTIVE. Course retired as of 2/10/09. Content has been incorporated into the FAA Aviation Accidents Library - 2/10/2009.This web-based course examines a number of in-depth accident case studies and summaries from selected accidents involving Transport Category Airplanes. It extends the original Applying Lessons Learned from Accidents course by adding ten new accidents, sorted by categories of accident causes. The course highlights precursors to the accidents, provides insight into how these accidents affected rule changes, and ultimately, to apply the lessons learned from these accidents to prevent accidents. A public version is available for non-FAA students. Course is planned to be launched on-line by September 30, 2009. POC: FAA Academy, Aircraft Certification Branch AMA-220 at (405)954-4534
Content Owner AIR-510
Training Organization AMA-220
Delivery Method WBT
Length (Hours) 32.0
Maximum Enrollment
Cancelled Date