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FAA27200089:   (27200089) Facilitated Discussion: ODA Oversight

FAA27200089 Cancelled
(27200089) Facilitated Discussion: ODA Oversight
BB-ILT 2014-03-18
THIS COURSE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT. This discussion is based on the previous web courses. This discussion is designed to help the OMT Member & Lead plan, lead and follow through to the close-out of corrective action during ODA Oversight activities. Target Audience: Anyone involved in ODA oversight team. Prerequisite: AIR personnel-28463 Basic Compliance Auditing. All Personnel: OMT Member-ODA Oversight: OMT Member; OMT Lead-ODA Oversight: OMT Member & ODA Oversight: OMT Lead
AIR-100 AIR-520
BB-ILT 6.0


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