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FAA27200090:   (27200090) Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware Fundamentals

FAA27200090 Cancelled
(27200090) Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware Fundamentals
BB-WBT 2013-11-27
The purpose of this training is to provide engineers with foundational software and airborne electronic hardware (AEH) concepts and principles. After completing this course, students will be able to define software and AEH terms and be able to describe their use in relationship to the applicants certification process, explain the purpose of an assurance process for use in software and AEH development, be able to identify FAA guidance materials related to this topic, and be able to describe the overall content of RTCA/DO-178C and DO-254. This course does not provide procedures or information on how to do the job. Target Audience: 1) Aerospace Safety Engineers (ASEs) who are responsible for or participate in certification of airborne systems that contain software and/or airborne electronic hardware and 2) FAA Managers and others who are interested in learning about software and AEH in airborne systems. Prerequisite: FAA21016 Part 21 REV 2 Notes for Non-AIR Audiences: None.
AIR-100 AIR-520
BB-WBT 1.5


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