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FAA27200100:   (27200100) Head Up Displays (HUD) and Vision Systems

FAA27200100 Cancelled
(27200100) Head Up Displays (HUD) and Vision Systems
BB-WBT 2017-09-04
The purpose of this training is to provide an in-depth understanding of Head-Up Displays (HUD) and vision systems that can be displayed on the HUD. These vision systems include: Synthetic Vision System (SVS); Enhanced Vision System (EVS); Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS); Combined Vision System (CVS). You will learn how HUD and these vision systems are relevant to your role and responsibilities as an Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Aviation Safety Engineer (ASE). Audience: AIR ASEs, FTEs, FTPs, CSTAs, DERs. Prerequisite(s): courses required to be completed before starting this course: FAA27200093 NextGen Avionics Familiarization
AIR-520 AIR-520
BB-WBT 1.0


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