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FAA27200145:   (27200145) Overview of Electronic Airworthiness Certification (AWC) Tool

FAA27200145 Active
(27200145) Overview of Electronic Airworthiness Certification (AWC) Tool
BB-WBT 2019-08-06
This course provides users with an overview of the new electronic AWC tool and how to apply it to current business processes This course is divided into three lessons: Introduction to Airworthiness Certification (AWC) Tool Overview of the AWC Interface AWC Workflow After you have completed the course, any new or updated content will be available to you with your current enrollment. Length: 1 hour Target Audience - Internal to FAA: all ASls. External: Designees and the general public applicants. Prerequisite(s): None
AIR-940 AIR-940
BB-WBT 1.0


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