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FAA27200147:   (27200147) Powerplant: The Fuel Tank Flammability Method

FAA27200147 Cancelled
(27200147) Powerplant: The Fuel Tank Flammability Method
BB-WBT 2019-10-21
This course is intended to provide participants the ability to assess the flammability exposure of a fuel tank using the Monte Carlo statistical method to determine the flammability of the fuel tank design under a variety of circumstances. Participants also will be able to apply the modifications to the method that are necessary when a Flammability Reduction Means (FRM) is installed. Target Audience(s): DERs, ODA Engineering UMs, FAA DER advisors and Engineering OMT Members. Prerequisite(s): FAA27200146-2020 Engineering Designee Recurrent General Training Overview. This course provides information about the changes in the Engineering Designee Training Program. Course Length: 1 hour. FAA employees may search and self-enroll in eLMS. Non-FAA Individuals: Register for this training through the Designee Registration System (DRS) at:
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