Item No. FAA30080062
Title (30080062) P/PM Mid-Level Capstone
Training Type COURSE
Revision Date 2016-07-19
Description This capstone course is a culminating 3 day workshop that allows students to apply P/PM training concepts in a simulated project management (PM) environment. It is designed for Mid-Level FAA program/project managers to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the practical implementation of FAA s acquisition management system (AMS) and project management methodology. The workshop presents an array of techniques and tools, with emphasis on their practical application to actual projects. Knowledge gained through lecture and pre-requisite courses, as well as PM methodology (initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, and close) are applied in a simulation environment. This course also employs EVM within the simulation to demonstrate the practical use of ratios to assist the PM s decision making. Students will work in teams and under time constraints to complete a project through four build phases. Upon completion of the final build and before acceptance, projects will be tested against documented requirements in the statement of work. This training course is a requirement for Level II PM Certification.
Content Owner ACQ
Training Organization ACQ
Delivery Method ILT
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