Item No. FAA22000052
Training Type COURSE
Revision Date 2011-10-14
Description This course is presented by the Airman Education Programs Branch of the Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI) is required by Order 4040.9, FAA Aircraft Management Program as well as the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Flight Test Operations Manual. This program is designed to assist AIR flight crew members to survive in water, desert, or arctic situations through knowledge and hands-on experience with survival equipment. The following subjects are included: the will to survive; search and rescue; survival kits and rafts; hot land, arctic, and water survival; building solar stills; building fires; ditching; first aid and CPR; cold chamber and water exercises; and aircraft escape, to include smoke. Also covered is the AIR Survival Kit, to include emergency radio operation. Students must have a current Class 1, 2 or 3 FAA Medical Certificate. The course is taught by the Civil Aeromedical Institute and is required by FAA Order 4040.0 as well as the AIR Flight Test Operations Manual. Audience: AIR Flight Test Program Crewmembers
Content Owner AAM-400
Training Organization AAM-400
Delivery Method BLENDED
Length (Hours) 12.0
Maximum Enrollment
Cancelled Date
Scheduled Offerings / Classes
Class Number Start Date End Date FY Status Location Phone Number
113709 2018-09-12 2018-09-13 FY '18 ACTIVE OKC (817)222-5165
123775 2019-04-17 2019-04-18 FY '19 ACTIVE OKC (817)222-5165
123796 2019-09-11 2019-09-12 FY '19 ACTIVE OKC (817)222-5165

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