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FAA30200921:   (30200921) Crucial Coaching

FAA30200921 Cancelled
(30200921) Crucial Coaching
ASSESSMENT 2012-09-11
Conflict Coaching provides individualized coaching in order to identify, analyze and explore different options in addressing potential or current workplace conflicts. The coaching process involves a structure that coaches follow in assisting coaches in identifying the underlying causes of the situation. Once the underlying causes and contributors to the situation are identified, the coach works with the coaches to explore options for handling the dynamics of the situation. Normally, at least three to four sessions are required in order to help the coaches develop an action plan to address the situation. Conflict Coaching also helps managers build their conflict resolution competence. FROM ACR: Managers will receive 1 CME credit for each hour they spend in a conflict coaching session. This item provide 1 hours of credit towards FAA Continuing Management education (CME) requirement for managers.
ILT 16.0


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