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FAA30200938:   (30200938) Achieving Communication Excellence (ACE)

FAA30200938 Cancelled
(30200938) Achieving Communication Excellence (ACE)
COURSE 2012-11-21
This training is designed to enhance participants' ability to listen, communicate, give and receive feedback. The methodology for this training combines interactive instructor-led discussions to gather participants insights and experiences; video demonstrations of the program skills with participant interaction and discussion; and participant action item-planning after the training to apply what they learned to work situations. This training will take approximately 3 hours and is divided into 3 sections. Section 1: Listen Up! Listening for effectiveness. Section 2: Speak Up! Communicating for effectiveness. Section 3: How am I doing? Giving and Receiving Feedback. This item qualifies for 3 hours of CME credit towards the 40 hr requirement.
ILT 3.0


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