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FAA44113:   (44113) MALS/RAIL/REIL

FAA44113 Active
BB-WBT 2019-04-04
This course provides training for Technicians and Engineers on the Runway End Identifier Lighting (REIL) Systems and Medium-Intensity Approach Lighting Systems (MALS) with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (RAIL) Visual Landing Aid Systems. This is a 120-hour online (Blackboard) course with 11 Lessons. Subjects include theory, preventative, and corrective maintenance on the following Systems: MALSR'S and REIL'S, Model/Type REIS, Sylvania REIL-2, Sylvania REIL FA-9437, Godfrey REIL FA-9628, MALS/RAIL Multi-Electric MALSR FA-8767, Sylvania MALSR FA-8982, and SEPCO MALSR FA-9629. For information on exams for this course, see Special Instructions in FIST.
AJI-2300 AJI-2300
BB-WBT 120.0


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