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FAA45038:   Back-Up Emergency Communications (BUEC) ARTCC Laboratory (Field-Conducted)

FAA45038 Cancelled
Back-Up Emergency Communications (BUEC) ARTCC Laboratory (Field-Conducted)
COURSE 2006-02-15
This field conducted on-the-job training (OJT) course provides the laboratory training for Airway Facilities specialists and engineers who have successfully completed course Back-Up Emergency Communications (BUEC) ARTCC course FAA47501. This 8-hour field-conducted laboratory is for BUEC transmitter and receiver remote control groups, types FA-8190, FA-8191, FA-8192, FA-8193, and FA-8194. Subjects include coordination of maintenance activities with ATC, select command and transmitter keying checks, power supplies check, transmit audio and audio keying level adjustments, maintenance panel operation, and remote link tester. Students must successfully complete both courses FAA47501 and FAA45038 prior to attempting certification on the BUEC ARTCC site.
AMA-400 AMA-413
OJT 8.0
1 10/01/2007


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