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FAA45189001:   (45189001) CHILLERS-(FIELD CONDUCTED)

FAA45189001 Active
COURSE 2016-07-29
This course is a temporary field delivered version of the normal resident Academy training on chillers. This course is for specialists (HDW AND SFTW), Engineers, and Specialist, and development personnel on chiller systems. The course is 40 hours Academy Lecture and 40 hours Academy Laboratory. Lecture includes the general maintenance of the chillers, including principles, procedures, function and component repairs and associated equipment IAW FAA orders and manufacturers manuals. Laboratory subjects include maintenance of the chillers including routine, preventive and recurring maintenance, pumps, cooling towers and water treatment for chilled water cooling systems. For information about exams for this course, see the Special Instructions section in FIST.
AJI-2320 AMA-424
AD-FLD 80.0


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