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FAA47025001:   (47025001) NOTAM MANAGER

FAA47025001 Active
(47025001) NOTAM MANAGER
COURSE 2018-02-27
The NOTAM Manager Training course is a Web-Based Training (WBT) course that is designed to provide additional training regarding processing NOTAMs for the technical operations personnel located in the Operational Control Centers and the Service Operation Centers. The course provides NOTAM Manager Tool users necessary training to accurately perform NOTAM management responsibilities. The course includes practical activities to perform specific NOTAM Manager Tool actions. It is recommended to request access to the NOTAM Manager tool before beginning the course. Upon completion of the NOTAM Manager Training course, learners will be able to: Explain the importance of NOTAMs Navigate within the NOTAM Manager Tool Accurately create and modify a NOTAM
AJI-2310 AJI-2310
WBT 1.5


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