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FAA47027001:   (47027001) MATHEMATICS REFRESHER

FAA47027001 Active
COURSE 2018-09-07
This course is for New Hire Specialists, Engineers, support, and developmental personnel. The course is 64 hours eLearning/WBT. This entire course is considered math-intensive involving calculations in algebra, trigonometry, periodic waves, and phasor analysis, and logarithms and DB. Calculations are performed and used in examples throughout the student guide using a TI-36X scientific calculator. Review questions are provided at the end of each lesson to assist the student in determining if they have gained the knowledge needed before proceeding to the next lesson. A formula sheet and additional practice problems are provided in the appendices of the student guide. Students will need a scientific calculator for solving math problems. For more information about exams for this course, see the Special Instructions in FIST. has been contracted to provide tutoring services for students needing help with this course. To learn how to access those services, see the Special Instructions in FIST
AJI-2300 AJI-2300
WBT 64.0


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