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FAA49446122:   (49446122) Next Gen ICAO 9896 VOIP Interfaces for Air Traffic Services

FAA49446122 Active
(49446122) Next Gen ICAO 9896 VOIP Interfaces for Air Traffic Services
COURSE 2017-04-18
Day 1 of this 3-day course has the scope of providing the broad picture of VoIP technology and its application to ATS Ground Voice Networks starting with a technology and functionality overview of today's operational telephone and radio networks followed by an explanation of work performed by the EUROCAE Working Group 67 in the definition of documents for VoIP in ATM. The course progresses to explain the basics of Voice over IP functionality followed by a high level description of how VoIP will be used in aeronautical ground telephone and radio communications. EUROCONTROL VoIP initiatives followed by an overview of the Network and SESAR WP15.2.10 work for VoIP validation are then reported. Day 2 will provide in-depth details about the Added benefits and functionality that VoIP brings to ATS Ground Telephone/ Radio network, while Day 3 will examine the added benefits VoIP brings to Recorder equipment, network performance aspects, VoIP network architecture and security. An overview of the EUROCONTROL Test Tool (Conformance +Performance measurements) and Interoperability Event activities completes the course. During the course practical examples of SIP Telephone calls using Soft phones through a WAN emulator, allow network impairments to be introduced, while examining SIP signaling and RTP audio using a wireshark
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