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FAA55402_S6R9:   (55402_S6R9) STARS FS Air Traffic Operator Training

FAA55402_S6R9 Active
(55402_S6R9) STARS FS Air Traffic Operator Training
COURSE 2020-08-01
Supports software build S6R9. This locally developed course is designed to provide ATCS with the knowledge and skills required to operate Full Service (FS) STARS in full and emergency service levels (FSL/ESL) at their facility. Materials from CBIs 57402/57400 and CADRE Course 59402_S6R9 are used by facility staff to create this Course 55402_S6R9 and tailor the materials to site needs. Topic acronyms include GSI Filters, TSAS, TPA, ATPA, DSA, PRM-A, FMA, CRDA, MASZ, TBFM.
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