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FAA60000295:   (60000295) Prevailing Talents 1.0: Workshop (1 day)

FAA60000295 Active
(60000295) Prevailing Talents 1.0: Workshop (1 day)
COURSE 2017-06-13
Individual participants are given insight into individual strengths and how to develop and leverage strengths to produce optimal performance within their team and organization. Individuals must have completed Gallops Strengths Finder Assessment a minimum of one week before the workshop date. Intended audience is AJG federal employees. Maximum size is 15. By the end of the session: Participants will know how to apply strengths philosophy to engaging others. Participants will know their own five talent theme and identify complimentary partnership based upon talent themes. Participant will know how to use talent themes to manage conflict and strategies for enhancing their performance. The workshop is highly individualized and therefore attendance and participation are extremely important.
AJG-81 AJG-81
ILT 8.0


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