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FAA15300061:   (15300061) Area Navigation (RNAV) Construction Approach (International)

FAA15300061 Cancelled
(15300061) Area Navigation (RNAV) Construction Approach (International)
COURSE 2007-07-20
This course will enhance the knowledge and understanding of criteria application as related to RNAV development using FAA Order 8260.50, LPV Approach Procedures Construction Criteria, FAA Order 8260.3B, Volume 3, Precision Approach (PA) and Barometric Vertical Navigation (BARO VNAV) Approach Procedure Cconstruction and FAA Order 8260.3A, Civil Uutilization of Global Positioning System (GPS). Training consists of classroom instruction and laboratory exercises using manual development techniques. It is highly recommended that attendees have an extensive knowledge of instrument procedures or have attended a basic TERPS training course.
AMA-800 AMA-800
ILT 104.0
12 10/05/2009


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