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FAA15300083:   (15300083) US Air Force Introduction to Flight Procedures (Automated)

FAA15300083 Cancelled
(15300083) US Air Force Introduction to Flight Procedures (Automated)
COURSE 2008-05-06
This training course is designed for students with no background in terminal procedures development, but with aviation background (i.e., air traffic control, air traffic management, etc.). It provides an introduction to the principles of terminal procedures development and the application of the various governing FAA and USAF criteria, both manual and automated (GPD) development methods. Learners will receive training in designing the following types of instrument procedures specific to the United States Air Force: ground-based non-precision and precision approaches, departure procedures, area navigation (RNAV), radio detection and ranging (RADAR), minimum vectoring altitude chart (MVAC), and minimum IFR chart (MIFRAC).
AJV-5 AJI-2200
ILT 240.0


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