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FAA15300090:   (15300090) Standard Instrument Approach Procedure (SIAP) Software 5.0

FAA15300090 Cancelled
(15300090) Standard Instrument Approach Procedure (SIAP) Software 5.0
COURSE 2018-12-20
This course is for students familiar with Standard Instrument Approach Procedure (SIAP) software. The course is upgrade training to SIAP 5.0. Each class contains: 1. Summary of user interface and functionality changes (Power Point Briefing) 2. Group follow-along using the software (instructor led hands-on introduction) 3. SIAP entry exercises with one-on-one instructor assistance as needed a. This will be bulk of class b. One RNAV and one ILS will be assigned to student with descriptive guidance c. Additional entries may be made by students as desired
AJW-3 AMA-800


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