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TakeOff2Landing Course 03100009


TakeOff2Landing is a three-day program (eight hours per day) describing the functional characteristics of the NAS and the FAA’s modernization programs, including NextGen. Subject matter experts from every line of business present topics concerning agency history, airports, regulatory standards, classes of airspace, technical operations equipment, and the future of aviation. Working in groups, the students perform the hands-on activities designed to teach collaboration among the participants. The third day is reserved for tours of FAA facilities described in the course.


You will have a general understanding of the National Airspace System (NAS) and its operations.


This course is geared towards new and current FAA employees, project managers, and other aviation industry professionals as an insight into the organizational structures of the FAA and Department of Transportation and relationships across lines of business.

Prerequisites: None


  • DOT
  • FAA Organization
  • Introduction to the National Airspace System
  • Flight 101
  • FAA's Modernization of the NAS

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