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Air Operator Certification (Operations) - International Course 15201


This 10-day course provides detailed instruction on the ICAO requirements and FAA handbook procedures used in Air Operator Certification. As the course is based on ICAO standards the information can be beneficially applied in any regulatory system. The course includes 22 modules which combine lecture, audio-visuals, student exercises, and interaction with experienced FAA instructors to create maximum development of knowledge and skill for most inspector job functions related to the air operator certification process. Courseware includes pertinent ICAO documents, FAA Handbooks, Advisory Circulars, and a participant guide. This course illustrates the FAA processes used to to comply with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices for the technical subjects presented.


At the conclusion of the course, and with appropriate guidance material, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the State responsibilities and ICAO requirements associated with the certification of Air Operators.
  • Apply the FAA processes and procedures used in the certification of Air Operators.

New Aviation Safety Inspectors working in the Flight Opeations specialty, or anyone wishing to gain a more complete knowledge of air operator certification job functions. This course was specially created to meet the needs of the international community.

Prerequisites: None


  • ICAO
  • Air Operator Certification
  • Professionalism

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