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Extended Diversion Time Operations Course 15218001


This course provides Aviation Safety Inspectors the required knowledge and understanding of the EDTO Maintenance Programs in order to perform effective certification, surveillance and oversight of EDTO operations. The course is based on ICAO standards so the information can be beneficially applied to any regulatory system. The course includes 8 lessons combined with lectures, audio-visuals, exercises and interaction with experienced FAA instructors to create a maximum learning environment to develop knowledge and skills related to the EDTO authorization process. Courseware includes ICAO documents, pertinent FAA reference material and a participant guide.


At the conclusion of the course, and with applicable guidance material, participants will be able to:
  • Describe State requirements and responsibilities associated with surveillance and approval of maintenance programs for EDTO operations.
  • Apply the processes and procedures used in the approval of the EDTO maintenance program, surveillance, validation, methods for obtaining EDTO authorization and oversight of the program.


New and experienced Aviation Safety Inspectors (Airworthiness or Operations), or individuals interested in gaining a thorough knowledge of EDTO Maintenance Program approval process. The course was specifically designed to meet the needs of the international community.

Prerequisites: None


  • EDTO Background
  • Philosophy
  • Regulations and Guidance
  • Methods of Gaining EDTO Authorization
  • EDTO Application Process
  • Requirements for EDTO Maintenance Programs
  • Validation and Approval Process
  • Oversight of Program
  • Course Summary

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