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Safety Management Systems (SMS) Theory & Application Course 15249001


This 9 day course covers the principles and application of Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS). SMS is a proactive management system that has the capability to expand levels of operational safety well beyond regulatory minimums by treating safety as a core business enterprise. During the afternoon workshops participants will work with our instructors to review sample textual paragraphs that illustrate how high level SMS concepts might be translated into practice at a basic level. SMS is now required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for all safety service providers.


You will be able to explain the principles of SMS, ICAO requirements for implementation, and how these principles might be applied at your host organization. This course consists of lecture, case studies, exercises, and workshop. WHO SHOULD ATTEND

Safety management decision makers and associated personnel. This course is appropriate for small CAAs, air traffic service providers, airports, airlines, and maintenance organizations. This course will help to satisfy the ICAO requirements in a cost effective manner.

Prerequisites: None


  • Concept of Safety
  • ICAO SMS requirements
  • ICAO Doc. 9859
  • Organizational Structure
  • SMS Policies
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance and International Evaluation
  • Safety Promotion
  • Numerous case studies and exercises
  • Review sample paragraphs that might be used to develop procedures for implementation of SMS at your organization

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