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Transmission Lines and Antennas & Radiation Patterns (International) Course 15430782


This eleven (11) day course is a review on the subject areas of Transmission Lines and Antennas and Radiation Patterns. Transmission Lines is the first six days of the course. Lecture subjects for the Transmission Lines portion include: Concepts of transmission line theory, standing wave pattern, transmission line impedance, quarter-wavelength transformers, single-stub impedance matching, balance-to-unbalance transformations, and transmission line bridges. The length of the Antennas and Radiation Patterns portion is five days. Lecture subjects for the Antennas and Radiation Patterns include: Basic concepts and definitions, Antenna pairs with equal antenna currents, antenna pairs with unequal antenna currents, specific antenna pairs, and multiple antenna pairs and the image antenna. This course contains 79.5 hours of lecture with step-by-step instruction of theory and on mathematical functions and calculations for problem solving. The participants will work with the instructors to solve various problems throughout the lecture and during the allotted study time. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter for the student to practice their problem solving skills. A formula sheet and additional practice problems are provided in the appendices of the Student Guide for those wanting additional problems. This course has a four hour Transmission Line lab. There are two written exams; two and one-half hour exam for Transmission Lines and a two hour exam for Antennas and Radiation Patterns to assess the studentís gain of knowledge. The average of these two exams will be the grade for course.

NOTE: A TI-36X PRO scientific calculator is provided to each student. All students must use the TI-36X PRO scientific calculator throughout the course.


You will be able to formulate, manipulate, and calculate mathematical and electronic problem solving concepts and principles used in the aviation and electronics industry. This course consists of lecture, one lab, practice problems, review problems, and two written exams.


Personnel responsible to design, develop, maintain, repair, and certify/validate electronic equipment in the aviation industry. This course gives the student the theory, mathematical functions, formulas, and calculations behind Transmission Lines and Antennas and Radiation Patterns concepts.

Prerequisites: Mathematics Refresher Course 15430780 recommended but not required.


  • Transmission Lines:
    • Concepts of transmission line theory
    • Standing wave pattern
    • Transmission line impedance
    • Quarter-wavelength transformer
    • Single-stub impedance matching
    • Balance-to-unbalance transformations
    • Transmission line bridges
  • Antennas and Radiation Patterns:
    • Basic concepts and definitions
    • Antenna pairs with equal antenna currents
    • Antenna pairs with unequal antenna currents
    • Specific antenna pairs
    • Multiple antenna pairs and the image antenna

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