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Air Traffic Fundamentals -International Course 15500


A 23 day course which includes: fundamentals of weather, basic aerodynamics, aircraft characteristics, ICAO documents, flight charts, ATC clearances, ATC communication, ATC services, and conventional control. Subject matter may be modified to meet unique customer needs by special agreement.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify ICAO publication contents.
  • Explain basic weather principles.
  • Identify meteorological information such as warnings, forecasts and METAR reports.
  • Identify basic aerodynamic forces.
  • Explain the characteristics and uses of aircraft instrumentation.
  • Identify aircraft weight and operating categories, recognition features, and designators.
  • Explain the navigational tools used by pilots.
  • Describe the differences/similarities between radio and satellite navigation.
  • Identify symbols, abbreviations, and aeronautical information on IFR and VFR charts.
  • Explain the purpose of standard arrival and departure procedures.
  • Identify the elements of instrument navigation and instrument approach procedures.
  • Identify airspace classifications.
  • Understand basic aviation phraseology.
  • Identify ATS responsibilities and procedures as outlined in Rules of the Air.
  • Explain how the AFTN system works.
  • Identify format and content of AIREPs and NOTAMs and the responsibilities for handling them.
  • Identify types, methods, and priorities of coordination.
  • Identify the purpose and format of, and procedures for processing and preparing, Letters of Agreement.
  • Identify how ATC clearances are applied for different phases of flight.
  • Identify vertical, lateral and longitudinal separation minima in air traffic control.
  • Identify emergency categories and assistance procedures.


Those international participants with no prior air traffic experience who are preparing to enter on-the-job training at ATC facilities. This course has been tailored to meet international needs. All enrollment spaces are reserved for international participants.

Prerequisites: None


  • Introduction to ATS
  • Publications Overview
  • Weather Fundamentals, Forecasts, and Reports
  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Flight Controls and Instruments
  • Aircraft Recognition
  • Navigation
  • VFR, IFR, Approach and Aerodrome Charts
  • Introduction to Airspace, Services and Facilities
  • Rules of the Air
  • ATC Communications
  • Introduction to Aeronautical Services
  • Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
  • Teamwork Overview
  • Recording and Coordinating Clearance Information
  • Letters of Agreement
  • General Control
  • IFR Clearance and Route Assignment Procedures
  • Altitude Assignment and Verification
  • Holding Aircraft
  • Separation
  • Emergencies

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