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Aerodrome Control Training -International Course 15502


This 23 day course is designed for international participants preparing to enter training in an aerodrome control tower. Training includes aerodrome layout and equipment, flight data, clearance delivery, ground control, and aerodrome control duties and responsibilities. Laboratory exercises provide practice in a simulated ATC environment using ICAO standards. Subject matter may be modified to meet unique customer needs by special agreement.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the specific phraseology for controlling aircraft and vehicle operations on designated aerodrome movement areas and aircraft operating in the vicinity of the aerodrome.
  • Explain wind shear and its hazards.
  • Be familiar with the procedures for determining and reporting tower visibility.
  • Explain the different levels of emergencies, pilot transmissions that identify distress and urgency situations, and procedures for alerting proper authorities of emergency situations.
  • Identify the contents and composition of ATIS messages.
  • Identify aerodrome design and markings.
  • Identify the major causes of runway incursions and ways to ensure the safety of arriving and departing aircraft.
  • Explain ground control procedures and operations.
  • Identify the appropriate separation minima for wake turbulence.
  • Identify operation of aeronautical lights.
  • Explain the duties, procedures, and responsibilities of the Aerodrome Control position.
  • Explain the requirements and procedures for visual separation, visual approaches, and Special VFR.
  • Explain the coordination necessary between positions in the tower and tower and Approach Control.
  • Have a working knowledge of VFR departure and arrival procedures.


Those international participants preparing to enter training in an aerodrome control tower. This course has been tailored to meet international needs. All enrollment spaces are reserved for international participants.

Prerequisites: None

  • Aerodrome Phraseology
  • Wind Shear/LLWAS
  • Aerodrome Visibility
  • Emergencies/Alerts
  • Clearance Delivery
  • Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)
  • Aerodrome Layout and Markings
  • Runway Incursions
  • Ground and Aerodrome Control
  • Wake Turbulence
  • Aerodrome Lighting
  • VFR/SVFR Operations
  • VFR Arrivals and Departures
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