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OJT Instructor Training -International Course 15510


A five-day course which consists of three days of academics and two days of laboratory practice. Participants will be taught the principles of conducting on-the- job training and evaluation. The laboratory portion will allow participants to practice applying techniques and evaluation skills learned in the academics. If available, simulation exercises will be used in the laboratory portion.


With references and in accordance with course materials, you will describe the process for:
  • Developing a training plan.
  • Developing a training curriculum.
  • Evaluating a training plan.
With references and in accordance with course materials, you will:
  • List controller training needs and criteria for determining those needs.
  • List components of an OJT licensing/rating process.
Given role-play exercises and simulated OJT situations, you will:
  • Discuss performance problems with student controllers and their supervisors.
  • Determine objectives for student training sessions.


Those who have aviation English training and who are licensed in radar. All enrollment spaces are reserved for international participants.

Prerequisites: A minimum of one year of licensed radar experience is preferred.


  • Licensing and Rating Process
  • Determining Training Needs
  • Development of Training Plan
  • Developing a Curriculum
  • Evaluating the Training Plan
  • Instructor Selection
  • Instructor Training
  • Classroom to OJT
  • Preparing for OJT
  • Observing OJT
  • Evaluating OJT
  • Giving Feedback

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