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Air Traffic Quality Assurance Program (International) Course 15520


This six-day course will teach participants how to perform facility evaluations, prepare accident/incident packages, and operational error or deviation investigation and reporting programs. Course will utilize ICAO and FAA practices and procedure.


With references you will be able to:
  • Provide examples of effective programs
  • Provide tools for improving existing programs
  • Provide guidance for developing new programs


This course is designed for managers and specialists who will be responsible for oversight and development of a quality assurance program for air traffic facilities.

Prerequisites: None.


  • Introduction
  • Organizing Your QA Program
  • QA Definitions
  • Incident Prevention Program
  • Evaluation
  • Quality of Services Improvement Program
  • Proficiency Training Program
  • ATS Safety Management Program
  • Air Traffic Incident Investigation and Reporting Program
  • Notification, Investigation, and Reporting of Aircraft Accidents

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