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Web Based Operations Safety System (WebOPSS) for Industry Course 21000063


In this two day course our industry participants are trained in the application and use of the WebOPSS database. Use of this Operations Safety System (OPSS) applies to Part 135 and 121 Air Carriers, Part 125 Operators and Deviation Holders, Part 129 Foreign Carriers, Part 133 External Load Operator, Part 137 Agricultural Aircraft Operator, Part 141 Pilot School, Part 91 K Operators and operators holding or requesting various exemption, deviation and authorization. Principle Inspectors approve an operator’s access to the WebOPSS data base. A discussion addressing operator access to WebOPSS between the operator and the FAA’s Principle Inspector is strongly recommended.


At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Access the WebOPSS database.
  • Apply their type of operation to the database and select appropriate paragraphs.
  • Prepare DRAFT OPSS for forwarding to Principle Inspector for approval.
  • Apply for the authorization to sign OPSS paragraphs.
  • Correctly sign and submit paragraphs to Principle Inspector.

The concept of WebOPSS includes all operators using various Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) authorizations must be able to apply for the appropriate authorizations and/or Operating Authority through the WebOPSS process. This training is designed for representatives from all Air Carriers, Commercial Operators, Foreign Operators (in US airspace), External Load, Agricultural Aircraft Operators, Approved Pilot Schools, Repair Stations, Fractional Ownership Operations and various operators using exemptions, regulatory deviations and authorizations.

Prerequisites: None (Coordination with the FAA’s Principle Inspectors assigned to the operator, addressing operator access to WebOPSS, is strongly recommended).

  • Legal Aspects of Operations Specifications
  • Origin and Definition of Operations Specifications
  • Accessing WebOPSS, Screen Navigation and Digital Signature
  • Numerous Practical Exercises on Various WebOPSS Uses
  • Use of Inbox and Tools
  • Final Practical Exercise

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