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Part 21 Certification for Products and Articles Course 21016


This course explains Part 21's provisions including type, production, airworthiness and related approvals that AIR technical staff must use during the performance of their duties. It covers why certification requirements exist, history of Part 21, the need and use of associated policy documents and related regulations, roles/responsibilities of applicant and approval holders, certificate management, and AIR's approach to compliance and enforcement process.


This course teaches the “foundation” regulation for the Aircraft Certification Service. It enables the FAA to carry out certification responsibilities under Title 49 US. Code.


Aircraft Certification engineers; inspectors, flight test pilots, and other personnel as needed.

Prerequisites: 21660, Aircraft Certification Indoctrination


  • Part 21 Overview
  • General Provisions
  • Design Approval: New TCs
  • Changes to Type Certificates
  • Production Approvals
  • Design Aspects of PMA and TSO Approvals
  • Airworthiness Certification and Approval
  • Continued Operational Safety
  • Compliance and Enforcement

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