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Aviation Safety Engineer/Systems Job Functions Course 21018


This eight-day course provides discipline-specific training in the procedures engineers use on the job. It covers the broad spectrum of service products relating to continued operational safety, certification, and managing designees/delegations.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Plan and implement a process to review and approve various technical data in a type certification projects.
  • Plan and implement a process to manage a major type certification project.
  • Review technical data requirements submitted by applicants and identify acceptable methods of demonstrating compliance to minimum level of safety FAR requirements.
  • Use a structured approach for interacting with members of a project team on technical issues.

Aircraft Certification engineers; mechanical and electrical systems.

Prerequisites: None


  • Establishing a Certification Basis, Understanding a Design, Seeking Policy Guidance
  • Overseeing a DER
  • Evaluating Systems with Software/Complex Hardware
  • Reviewing and Approving Type Design Data, Analysis, and Safety Assessments
  • Reviewing and Approving Test Plans, Witnessing Tests, Approving Test Results
  • Conducting Interior Compliance Inspections, Reviewing System Design for Compliance
  • Planning, Implementing, and Completing a Type Certification Project
  • Certificate Management
  • System Safety
  • Electrical Power and Distribution
  • Air Data, Attitude and Backup Instruments
  • Navigation and Communication
  • Flight Controls and Hydraulics
  • Automatic Flight Controls
  • Landing Gear
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Interiors and Crashworthiness
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Lighting
  • Warning Systems
  • Displays
  • Recording Systems
  • Operating Rules

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