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Aviation Safety Inspector Job Functions Course 21020


This eight-day course provides discipline-specific training in the procedures new inspectors use on the job. It covers the broad spectrum of service products relating to continued operational safety, certification, and managing designees/delega-tions.


This course introduces knowledge about special technical areas that Aviation Safety Inspectors must have in order to understand the procedures taught in the course. These technical areas are:
  • Engineering/Design Drawings
  • Quality Control System Requirements
  • Nondestructive Inspection
  • Basic Audit Techniques
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Aircraft/Engine Types & Standard Industry Practices

Aircraft Certification Aviation Safety Inspectors: Manufacturing.

Prerequisites: 21660, Aircraft Certification Indoctrination

21016, Part 21


  • Type Certification
  • Weight and Balance
  • Production Approvals
  • Certificate Management
  • Standard Airworthiness Certification
  • Special Airworthiness Certification
  • Export Approvals
  • Import Approvals
  • Designee Management

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