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Certification and Surveillance of Part 145 stations Course 21058


This five day course provides the necessary training for inspectors assigned to perform surveillance of Part 145, Repair Stations and participate in certification project teams for AIR agencies seeking repair station certificates. The course includes information on EASA requirements. Instructional strategies include informal lecture, small group exercises, and individual exercises. The training priority for this course is as follows: current Part 145, Principal Maintenance Inspectors (PMI) and Principal Avionics Inspectors (PAI); current Part 145, Assistant PMI's and PAI's; Part 121, Assistant PMI's; and all others.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the specific regulations, directives, advisory circulars, orders, and/or technical information needed to certificate domestic and/or foreign repair stations.
  • Approve or deny a domestic and/or foreign repair stationís request for certification.
  • Inspect or conduct surveillance of a domestic and/or foreign repair station.


This course is for Aviation Safety Inspectors tasked with certification and surveillance responsibilities of foreign and domestic repair stations. Industry would benefit if they are owners and/or operators of repair stations and are seeking to apply for certification both domestically and foreign.

Prerequisites: 21054, Airworthiness Indoctrination Technical Core


  • FAR 145
  • Five Phases of Certification
  • Surveillance
  • EASA

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