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Aircraft Alterations and Repairs Course 21811


This 28 hour course is designed for FAA airworthiness (maintenance and avionics) inspectors who are responsible for approving alterations and repairs of aircraft. The course consists of discussion, analysis, and application of alteration and repair problems. The course includes a study of the following areas of alteration and repair processes: applicable references; alteration and repair approval decisions in relation to aircraft weight and balance, structural strength, performance, and powerplant operations; and flight characteristics. This course is designed to enhance inspector knowledge using interactive learning, task-oriented course content, and problem-solving approaches.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Conduct needed research of regulatory documentation and then implement the correct procedures to effect approvals.
  • Apply an understanding of key definitions and criteria associated with major and minor repairs/alterations and compare concepts involved in determining major versus minor alterations.
  • Explain the effect an alteration proposal could have on an aircraft and conduct the necessary procedures to arrive at a decision that will determine if the alteration proposal should be field approved, a supplemental type certificate approval, or considered a minor alteration.
  • Select which resources are appropriate in considering field approval requests.
  • Explain the potential effects of major repairs and apply procedures to make the necessary decision to approve proposals.
  • Explain the airworthiness requirements, annual inspection requirements and the considerations for repair or alterations that can be made to the two types of free balloons.
  • Discuss the general criteria for considering what type alterations/repairs should be considered for engineering approval before an application is formally approved.
  • Determine if an aircraft proposal is major/minor and can be approved, and the procedural requirements required for the Form 337 completion and time disposition.
  • Assess issues involved in the resolution of actual alteration and repair case situations.


This course is for Aviation Safety Inspectors tasked to make airworthiness determinations of repairs and alterations of aircraft and aircraft products.

Prerequisites: None

  • Aircraft Alterations and Repair References
  • Certificates, Approvals, and Part 21
  • Decision-Making Process
  • Processing a Request for Field Approval
  • Considerations  for Major Alterations
  • Considerations  for Major Repairs
  • Balloon Considerations
  • Final Exercises

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