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Highly Integrated Systems Course 22000069


A highly integrated system (HIS) is a set of previously independent systems (e.g., communication-navigation, flight instruments) that are now inter-connected both functionally and architecturally. This training provides design certification considerations for highly integrated systems, including integrated modular avionics (IMA). It also provides guidance on the means of compliance for the applicable regulations for these systems. Methods of instruction include lecture, practical exercises and collaborative discusssions. Tests may also be included. Target Audience(s): all avionics/electrical system engineers (e.g., Standards Staff, ACOs, Avionics branches, etc.), and certain propulsion engineers (depending upon their roles and responsibilities). POC: FAA Academy, Aircraft Certification Branch AMA-220 at (405)954-4534.


Course 21018, Aviation Safety Engineer/Systems Jobs Functions
Course 21021, Aviation Safety Engineer/Propulsion 14 CFR Training
Course 22000062, Applying System Safety Principles to Certification of Aircraft Products

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